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OK, so I’m back – sorry for the LONG absence, but other things took over my life.

I’m back at another analyst conference (Burton Catalyst in Prague) and again I am so far underwhelmed.

Just sat through a market overview of a particular market, supposedly identifying the key players.  Yet again the same old ‘big names’ showed up on the slides, missing out several other companies with not so big names that I happen to know actually have more revenue in this particular space.  Also certain smaller players were called out for completely the wrong part of their portfolio.  A massively blinkered view of a space they claim to be experts in.

It was a self-indulgent discussion between their own analysts on stage that again proved to be outstandingly content-light.

So in the first session, Burton have completely eroded all confidence I could have had in their ‘analysis’.

How did they choose the ‘case studies’ they are going to present, were they based on how much the vendor spent with them?

If I was an end-user in the audience I have just been misguided and am missing out on some of the new and innovative stuff that I paid a lot of money to learn about.

Am I really going to be interested in their view from now on?


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