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Now Gartner are getting sued by ZL for their Magic Quadrant

Interestingly, it appears that ZL (an email archiving vendor) are suing Gartner for loss of earnings due to their MQ

This gives both credence to the weight that people (however misguidedly) put on the MQs, but also brings them into question.

This may explain why noticeably Gartner analysts at conferences and online have been de-stressing the importance of MQs and how they are only a guide…

Hearing is this Friday, will be interesting to see how this one pans out…

EDIT: Added a link to great piece of writing by Dave Kellogg :


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  1. I know you would just love it for Gartner to lose on this one, but unfortunately for you, and for ZL, the process and procedure is so tight, it doesn’t stand a chance. This is nothing more than a passionate yank that thinks product is more important than sales and marketing. “It just sells itself”. Total BS – never heard of the 4 P’s. Did you check out ZL’s position on the MQ? Along with the other 13, yes 13 other vendors in the niche segment? (There’s only 17 players on the MQ! Which by the way includes IBM, CA and HP. Didn’t THEY spend enough with Gartner to secure a better position? Or is it that in this particular area of their portfolio the analysis says they’re weak. You can keep trying, but your misguided analysis just doesn’t hold water my friend. Give it up, you don’t have the facts.

    Comment by Alvin Stardust | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. I don’t know where you think I’m coming from on this one, but I never claimed to have all the facts… I just thought it was funny (and by the way I don’t think ZL will win, I think they are just needlessly whining).
    Sales and marketing are VERY important, and this is where ZL clearly fell down. I am sure they have a lovely product, but no-one knows about it. That is not Gartner’s fault, but they are looking for someone to blame.
    Lots of people have excellent products, but those with the biggest marketing bucks still win, the auto industry is a good example of that, we should have been driving cool electric cars many years ago…
    No doubt however that there have been deals which ZL have been in where they were thrown out because of Gartner’s opinion without a chance to show their worth and that can be frustrating as I have discussed here before.

    I also never made any analysis, merely stated a couple of known facts.

    My analysis is not misguided, it is an opinion, as is all analysis, not a fact. Kind of the point of this whole site, people who think analysis is fact are the main problem.

    P.S. in regards to your comment “Didn’t THEY spend enough with Gartner to secure a better position?” I thought the whole point of recent debate was that how much you spend with Gartner has NO effect on your MQ position?

    Comment by analystanalyst | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. Analysis makes the world go around. Analysis proves beyond reasonable doubt that a murder was committed and it is recorded that the defendant committed murder. Is that fact or analysis?
    The persistent “bitching” as recorded by another anon blogger is a clear indication you have a gripe with the analyst community, so the analyst community and others will respond.
    With regard to spending money with Gartner, you’ve constantly implied that vendors buy influence. You were notably scathing at the blog by Tom Bittman. But this MQ shows how misguided you are. IBM and HP are two of the biggest clients with Gartner, yet they achieve only a niche position. According to your view they should be higher because they spend more, and have huge resources to “influence” analyst views. It’s rubbish – and this goes to prove it.
    “De-stressing the importance of MQs”….rubbish. Clearly you’re not in Orlando this week where there are DEDICATED MQ presentations. The same is being repeated in Cannes in a few weeks. Like I said, you don’t have the facts. You could make some good contribution to the debate but you bring only scathing commentary, which doesn’t do your blog, or you any favors.

    Comment by Alvin Stardust | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. Then feel free to not read this blog, thanks for stopping by.

    How do you know I am not in Orlando this week, and equally how do you know that I have not sat through several dedicated MQ presentations, and even presentations on how MQs are built and what they mean, delivered by Gartner analysts? (The answer is, of course, that I may well be in Orlando, may well be going to Cannes, and I have attended all those presentations and more). You quite clearly aren’t in Orlando, but instead, Barcelona.

    Oh, and with regards murders, please don’t confuse IT analysts with well trained forensic and criminal scientists, properly versed in the scientific method… I have never seen an MQ presented in a murder case…

    Analysis does NOT make the world go round, get real.

    Comment by analystanalyst | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  5. […] AnalystAnalyst I see that tech vendor ZL is suing Gartner. Interesting tactic. My first thought was that this […]

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