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Twitter honesty reveals Gartner Magic Quadrants for what they really are…

Courtesy of Carterlusher (and compounded by him), finally it is proved by a Gartner analyst that MQs are worthless.

Here Carterlusher shows the transcript of some tweeting by Gartner ‘Analyst’ French Caldwell.

The article shows that Magic Quadrants are not based (as you may think) on the analyst doing active research as to the latest new technologies/companies in the marketplace and cool trends etc.  Oh no, you guessed it, they are based entirely on who has the biggest/best AR.

These guys have become so arrogant now that they think that they can sit back and people will come to them and they no longer have to do ‘research’ or real ‘analysis’ – just collate questionnaire answers and build MQs / form ‘informed’ opinions based on that.

Yet more indication that this is a self-serving parasitic structure offering no real independent ‘balanced’ opinion.

I’m done with you guys – not good PR for Gartner at all…


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