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Mike Rothman in response to my post said that I showed a serious level of naivety?

Am I naive or are the people who make their decisions based on the opinion of one analyst naive?


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Just journalists spouting common sense…

Been thinking about this more, especially as this week I am attending a ‘Gartner Summit’.

‘Stating the bleeding obvious’ seems to be the theme of most presentations at these type of events. Someone I was chatting to outside said “I can’t believe these guys get respect for telling us what we already know and we pay a lot of money for them to do so” – fair comment?

How do analysts at these type of events show they add value?  Surely they should tell me something new?

So, what am I looking for at this event?

  1. Insight into new techologies.
  2. inspiring vision and direction.
  3. End user case studies/real-world stories.

From experience what am I expecting?

  1. Being told what I already know by regularly reading the web etc (i.e. Journalism).
  2. Some chronically bad presenting (They need to listen to Seth and Garr)
  3. General reporting and bad stats (“I/Gartner estimate”) that I can easily find or make up myself if I wanted to (more journalism).

I’ll let you know how I get on…

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