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Thanks Duncan!

Duncan Brown (who I have read frequently and respect) has passed some interesting comment on my blog.

I love his comment: “So here’s a question: what would happen to your organisation if you didn’t pay the money? What’s the bottom line impact of cancelling your Gartner subscription?”

This is exactly what I am talking about, AR is obviously biased towards the use of analysts as it keeps them in money.  The self-fulfilling prophesy circus of the analyst community is daunting to many.

To answer a couple of your points Duncan, I am not resentful – I am a cynic (and yes I do currently work for a vendor, but have been an end-user and my job is to talk to end-users).  I don’t ‘hate’ analyst firms and analysts, I know some very good analysts whose opinion I value – I just am very cautious.  I want things to get better and more open.

Best quote I had recently from a salesman from a large analyst house was he asked me “How do you know what your customers are thinking?”, the beautifully succinct answer to him from my colleague was “We talk to them”.  This salesman is still struggling to show us how his firm can add value to our organisation, apart from the fact that we can appear in more magic quadrants… 😉

My anonymity is for personal reasons, and allows me to hopefully speak freely.

I want to use this blog to ask tough questions, and get vendors, end-users and analysts to look at themselves and ask themselves some tough questions too…


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  1. Hello aa,

    Just to be clear, I don’t (to use your word) ‘hate’ analysts either. But some perspective has been sorely lacking, which I hope you can address.

    If you like my first question, how about this one: do vendors have the courage to unsubscribe? I suspect that analyst firms are staring down vendors and daring them to cancel. Not that I’m recommending all vendors pull their analyst subscriptions, but I wonder if calling the odd bluff might help rebalance the relationship.

    Anyway, more food for thought…

    Comment by Duncan Brown | May 15, 2008 | Reply

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