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How do I tell you apart?

OK, so I found you – but how do I tell you apart?

My last post sparked some discussion both on and off this blog, but google searching discussions aside (see comments to previous post) I did find some and it leads on to this next point.

As an analyst firm how do you differentiate yourself?  What makes you different from the others?  How do you express that to prospective clients?

If you are a small niche player, how do you express that?  Why should I pick you over the big boys?

If you are Gartner or IDC, why should I spend my money with one of you over the other?

What qualifies any of you to claim to be ‘experts’ and how can you show me that?

If you are in the industry, mentally step outside and take a look, it’s not very clear at all what these firms all actually do.  Don’t forget, it’s my money you want…


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  1. I will tell you how we differentiate ourselves from the Gartners of the world. We are a small firm, but have global customers. We provide better customer service, greater flexibility, greater personalization or customization, and keep adpating to our customers needs. Very large vendors have confirmed this to us verbally. You can call our analysts directly, no 800 numbers or promises to get back to you in 24 hours. You can change your subscription in the middle of the year because your needs change. You can request specific topics to the subscription and we will cover it. You can change your subscription to consulting or survey work if your needs change. We make an extra effort in personal touch, better customer service, and flexibility. Our clients tell us all the time that they not happy with the Gartners out there, and it just means more business for us. I like your blog, it is very interesting and puts things into perspective!

    Comment by Stephanie | October 6, 2008 | Reply

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