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Who analyzes the analysts?!

OK, so now we start.

this whole idea started while having a late night bar chat with some analysts in the IT sector and some nice PR people.

It’s a simple question – who analyzes the analysts? Who can we trust? Are their predictions really that great?

This self-fulfilling prophecy of a monopoly is kind-of scary, how do we know they are right?

Let’s go back and see what they said things would be like in 2008 a few years back and see how great they are? Is it all just finger in the air stuff (which I suspect it is)?

I’m starting this as a blog as it’s the easiest way to get things going for me, but I want it to be more.

I want to ultimately create a ‘magic quadrant’ for analysts…


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  1. Good starting point! Analysts – the root of all evil or the path to a healthier IT environment in my enterprise?

    The downside of the Analyst point of view is exactly that, it’s (in most cases) a singular point of view that doesn’t always reflect what is actually happening in the market. More often than not it’s a single individuals opinion which, whilst interesting, is irrelevant (see:

    The market, in it’s own stupidity, often then reacts to these individualistic statements as being some sort of ‘holy grail’ when it comes to deciding what to do. The Analyst’s ‘opinion’ is then morphed into becoming some sort of strategic business plan that is blindly adopted and implemented, thus creating the self-fulfilling Analyst opinion of what the market is going to do. Insane!

    Another thing to remember is that Analysts are in business to make money, lots of it! You average ‘objective Analyst report’ will run into the tens of thousands of dollars and more. The bank balance is then topped up (significantly) by the cost charged to customers wanting to gain access to this information.

    I’m all for companies making money but what are the actually selling and is it any good? Think about this for a second. I go to the local store and buy groceries, if they’re damaged/not fresh/whatever, I take them back and get something else. I buy software/hardware from technology vendors and it either does what is says on the tin or it doesn’t. I can also ‘try before I buy’ to make sure what I’m spending my money on is right for me.

    How do I know the information Analysts are feeding me is worth what they’re selling it for? How versed is the Analyst in the field they are writing on? Are they subject matter experts on all they comment on?

    The upside, well, Analysis speak to some very large companies who employ some very cleaver people. This means the good Analysts will write papers based on market facts that in turn set intelligent market trends that based on input from above mentioned ‘cleaver people’.

    With all that said, we need to start policing the police and making sure that we, the public IT community, agree with what is being ‘produced’ the by Analyst world at that information should be freely available for scrutiny by the people who have the cheque book.

    Comment by sha512 | April 24, 2008 | Reply

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