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I can’t find you.

OK, so I picked a ‘hot topic’.

Unified Communications (Microsoft keep telling me it’s ‘big’).

Imagine I work for a business that is looking at UC and I want to find out who to spend my money with if at all. I want to talk to an expert.

Alternatively I am a vendor who wants to know who to brief on my new product line and possibly spend money with.

So I search on Google for “Unified Communications Analyst

I get (your results may vary) in the following order:

So, are Canalys the best guys to tell me about Unified Communications? Does Jan Dawson really know what he’s talking about (his bio makes me think so, but it’s on the Ovum site…)? Who are Yankee group? What is that CXO Europe page about (is it an ad to draw vendors to advertise)?

I’m confused (and before you ask, I don’t really care about UC, it’s the first thing that came to mind).

Where can I go to get the answers to those questions? Who can help me find an analyst?

If you are an analyst specializing in Unified Communications you should be concerned as I can’t find you.

If you help people find analysts, how do I find you?


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Been done before?

So, I have been told that someone tried this before and for whatever reason tailed off.

I sincerely hope that I don’t tail off, and this guy was focused on Gartner. Some of the early posts are quite interesting, especially the one here on Magic quadrants.

There are other sites that watch or have watched analysts (ARmadgeddon and others) but I really want to avoid rants. I want opinion and guidance.

I (of course 😉 ) intend to be different and gather together as much intel as I can. Ultimately this will lead to more than just a blog, possibly a wiki-type thing. Who knows?

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Nearly Infinite

Seth Godin’s post today is pretty good when you read it while thinking about the analyst world from the consumer perspective (end-user and vendor).

Total and utter minefield.

As Seth says, people will tend to go on lists and recommendations when the choice is too great. Maybe that’s why they go for Gartner, IDC since they are names they have heard of (kind of like buying name-brands for anything really) whereas a smaller, boutique firm may be right up their street (e.g. Freeform, MWD).

But where do I go to see the lists and recommendations? There must be something.

Where do I go to find someone to tell me that the guy at Big-name analyst inc. doesn’t have a clue about this space, and only picked it up by default (I know of one case where this is fact) and that I should go and speak to Dave at Okey-Dokey analysts as he has worked in this area for 20 years?

This kind of info must exist, please people, guide me to the finite.

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Courtesy of Jonny Bentwood, this will be a good start – interested to see the results…

Some nice questions, but I think missing some of the focus I and others mentioned earlier around the ‘type’ of analyst being taken into account.

Let’s come up with enough questions to do our own survey…

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How do we tell them apart?

This is great. More comments than I expected – word must be getting around…

My planned post for today has been preceded by the comments, which is cool!

So – “How do we tell them apart”

How we categorise? How do we separate Gartner from Freeform? How do we rank? What will the MQ for Analysts look like?

Gerry raises some points about the different ‘types’ of analysts (numbers, report-writers, advisory) – end-users get confused which one they need.

Should we flag the white-paper-for-hire boys? (I think yes)

Shall we start by giving our thoughts on the IIAR list?

Answers on a postcard…

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Policing the Police

OK, maybe I came over a bit strong and discussion today has proved this – sha512 has hit the nail on the head…

I am NOT anti-analyst.

My point is simple.

As an end-user or vendor, how do I know which analyst to give my money to?

If I am buying hardware or software or services or thinking of moving into a new technology or market then I can ask an analyst or read a review.

Where are the reviews of analysts?  Where’s the product guide comparing Gartner’s portal to IDC’s???

That is what I am referring to.  That’s what I mean by Analyst Analyst.


Let’s have some opinion, lets create the review-site for analysts.

Let’s gather thoughts good and bad…

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Let’s collect examples

Anyone got any examples of ‘predictions’ by IT analysts that ‘didn’t quite hit the mark’?

Anyone seen some real massive faux-pas where someone clearly doesn’t speak to people in the real world?

Got any good starts for my ‘research’ in this area?

Let’s hear ’em…

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Who analyzes the analysts?!

OK, so now we start.

this whole idea started while having a late night bar chat with some analysts in the IT sector and some nice PR people.

It’s a simple question – who analyzes the analysts? Who can we trust? Are their predictions really that great?

This self-fulfilling prophecy of a monopoly is kind-of scary, how do we know they are right?

Let’s go back and see what they said things would be like in 2008 a few years back and see how great they are? Is it all just finger in the air stuff (which I suspect it is)?

I’m starting this as a blog as it’s the easiest way to get things going for me, but I want it to be more.

I want to ultimately create a ‘magic quadrant’ for analysts…

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